Training ground is the place players can use their Moonstas to train with others players to earn #MTR and special items that only drop in Training Ground.


Players select Moonstas team to register a slot Defender Training. When in Training, Moonstas can not play in Fight Heroes mode until players unregister them.
Attacker will match base on power between two teams. If defender team win, players will receive 2% Attacker betting amount.


Players select Moonstas team to find opponent base on team power.
When find a match opponent, player can choose Fight or Skip to find another opponent.
Players input a small bet amount, then click Fight to start training.
If attacker win, they will earn 95% of betting amount and get some point in PvP Ranking. Top PvP ranking players will get some in-game reward.
If attacker lost, 2% of betting amount will be sent to defender, the rest will be sent to reward pool. Also attacker has a small chance to receive special item that only appear in Training Mode.
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